My goal in this next few paragraphs is to allude to without mentioning the name of a certain front-running Republican candidate. He gets too much press, doesn’t even have to spend money on political ads. All he has to do is sling hate-speech, ignorance, and a certain well-heeled paranoia. This morning I realized why it seems so preposterous that he has 39% backing of Republicans today: he’s just Archie Bunker with money.

Remember Archie? Sitting on the edge of his upholstered chair, red-faced, angry and cynical and spewing forth every bigoted opinion, every pejorative name for a group of Americans that were different from him, intimidating his wife, Edith, calling his educated son-in-law, “Meathead.” That Archie.

When he came into our living rooms we were shocked to see someone that ignorant, that hateful, that closed-minded on TV. The fathers in other sitcoms–Father Knows Best, Donna Reed’s husband, Beaver’s dad, all were mild-mannered, wearing suits, and polite. They knew the rules and they abided by them. Archie broke the mold, again and again, by refusing to learn and grow, by refusing to be anyone but the bully that he was. So dominated by fear and paranoia, he sat in his self-satisfaction, refusing to acknowledge that anyone else’s ideas had merit, seeing everything as a toddler might, grabbing for more, seeing everything within reach as “mine.”

And now, in 2015, Archie is wearing a suit, doing something weird with his hair, and running for President of the United States. We stand by, shocked and amazed that he’s actually on this stage, but people are saying they admire his honesty. Well, Archie was honest, too, wasn’t he? He had no shame; he never apologized for anything; he never, not once, owned up to his mistakes. Dangerous enough for someone like Archie to run a household; but are we really considering giving him the White House?  Electing him to be Commander in Chief? Really, America? Would you vote for
Archie Bunker?


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  1. well said dear one! The Republican party has been slowly but consistently moving in this direction for many years now … why are we so surprised? After years of right-wing radio, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, FOX News, two long wars, the rise of the ‘Tea Party Baggers’ — this train’s been rolling down the tracks for sometime now, and now it’s pulling into the station & we don’t know what to do ??? Yes, it may jump the tracks, question is — how many of us will be on it ?

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